MLB Crush Monday: Five Reasons Why Los Angeles Dodger Yasiel Puig Is A Catch

Between his good looks and killer dance moves, this slugger is more than deserving of our #MLBCM title.

There’s nothing like staring at a man in uniform to kick off the work week, right? In honor of MTV2′s new series, “Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave,” every Monday we’re putting the spotlight on one of the sexiest sluggers in the game. Here, overall stats, batting averages and team standings don’t completely dictate whether or not a player gets picked — see below for five reasons why this week’s pro made the MLB Crush Monday cut!

This week’s title holder, Yasiel Puig, is a handsome slugger who hails all the way from Cuba, and quickly become a household name after making his MLB debut in June 2013. The LA Dodger is a force to be reckoned with on the field, and now he has a chance to make his mark in the Big Apple alongside Fat Joe on Tuesday night’s “Off the Bat.” But not before staking his claim on our man-candy list! Here are five reasons Yasiel’s stealing both bases and hearts this week.

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