5SOS' 'Don't Stop': Relive All The Crime-Fighting Cuteness In Gifs

Here are all the best moments from 5 Seconds of Summer's new video.

Timing is everything for the band from Down Under, huh? 5 Seconds of Summer dropped their "Don't Stop" live-action music video Monday morning (May 19), just hours after they rocked out onstage at the Billboard Music Awards. In the new clip, Calum, Michael, Luke and Ashton go head-to-head with ninjas and save a damsel in distress.

Remember how these Aussie musicians-turned-superheroes did battle in their animated lyric video just two weeks ago? Well, the guys go even further this time around, going out of their way to help an elderly woman cross the street. They even pick up litter!

Here are the 15 best moments from the latest "Don't Stop" video:

1. Calum!

2. Michael!

3. Ashton!

4. Luke!

5. They know rooftops are the best places to rock out:

6. Michael tries to stop the bad guys from vandalizing the wall:

7. Ashton saves cats:

8. Aww! Luke helps an elderly woman cross the street:

9. Calum goes green cleaning up the litter:

10. Look at this epic group fist bump:

11. Michael's cleverness prevails when he tricks this ninja. KA-POW:

12. Ashton warms up before his battles:

13. Luke possesses the agility of a frog and/or an Olympian hurdler:

14. Calum pulls off some "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" moves:

15. 5SOS have all their limbs intact and are able to take a bow:

P.S. -- Michael has the last laugh: