'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Watch The New Trailer Now

The bunch of a-holes are back.

After three days of non-stop teasing, the new trailer for Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" is finally here.

Where the first trailer focused on introducing the characters in the studio's space epic, and emphasized the humor of the piece, this second trailer instead is heavy on plot and action. And awesome.

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Unlike the "Avengers" movies, "Guardians" takes place mostly in space, focusing on the adventures of lost Earth-man, and full time rogue Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) as he attempts to protect an invaluable artifact from falling into the wrong hands.

Along the way, he joins up with the most dangerous woman in the galaxy (Zoe Saldana), a man with a grudge against one pair of those wrong hands (Dave Batista), a talking tree (Vin Diesel) and a talking raccoon (Bradley Cooper).

The movie opens August 1 in theaters everywhere.