Nev Schulman And Max Joseph Are Not Your Average Internet Detectives [Video]

The 'Catfish' duo are expanding their resumes -- hear about their exciting new projects.

"Catfish" brothers from another mother Nev Schulman and Max Joseph spend most of their time traveling across the country to help solve cyber mysteries, but that's not the only thing these guys have on their professional plates, and in the interview clip below, the Internet detectives dish about their upcoming projects. No rest for these super sleuths!

"For the last year, I’ve been writing a book," Nev says about "In Real Life," which will hit shelves this September. "Taking all of the experiences I’ve had making the show, and also many of the mistakes and experiences I had made growing up."

"It’s a selfie help book," Max interjects. And the author agrees with his cohort!

Nev, who recently teased the new cover art of his first venture into publishing, explains that the book will offer a "revealing" look at his past experiences, as well as the insight that's come from them. "The things I’ve learned, some advice for dating, online and off," he shares. "And just sort of in general, how to live a more vulnerable, meaningful and hopefully adventurous life."

Max is a bit more reserved when it comes to offering up details about what he's got in the works, only saying that he is writing and working on a film.

"I’m going to be shooting this summer," the silver fox says coyly. "And you will hear more on a little bit." TEASE.

Watch Nev and Max chat about their exciting endeavors, and make sure to catch “Catfish” on Wednesdays at 10/9c!

Photo: Pamela Littky