FilmMagic/Suzi Pratt

Macklemore Says He Was Wearing a ‘Witch’ Costume At Secret Seattle Show

Is it a witch hunt?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis treated their hometown Seattle fans a huge treat on Friday by playing a secret gig at the Experience Music Project museum in support of a new exhibit called "Spectacle: The Music Video."

The real spectacle, though, was the strange costume Macklemore wore during the show, which included a black wig and matching bushy beard and large prosthetic nose. The look raised some eyebrows from fans and local observers, who suggested that the character looked like an anti-Semitic Jewish stereotype.

One fan wondered if it was no big deal, because perhaps Macklemore, 30 (born Ben Haggerty) is Jewish, a question the rapper answered last year.

Then, on Monday morning (May 19), Mack himself finally addressed the controversy, denying that he was dressed as a stereotype and saying it was just a "random" costume.

A spokesperson for the rapper - who has been a tireless advocate for marriage equality and tolerance via such hits as "Same Love" - could not be reached for further comment at press time.