Brad Pitt And Matthew McConaughey Should Play Balcony Catch Forever

This is the beginning of a beautiful, second-story friendship.

In what was possibly the least lewd interaction ever to take place between two parties on a Bourbon Street balcony, Brad Pitt hurled a welcoming beer to neighbor Matthew McConaughey, who happened to be staying at the house across the street from Pitt's.

Delighted bystanders on the street below managed to film the interaction, as Brad caught Matthew's attention, and then Matthew caught Brad's beer. And then drank it, of course, as one does.

Sadly, this scene may be a one-time thing. Matthew McConaughey was only in New Orleans briefly to film an "Amazing Race" segment, and the chances of the two actors having another chance encounter is slim. But if they do, we hope they'll resume their balcony bromance by throwing the following objects at each other:

Water balloons: Balloon volley to be preferably followed by a wet t-shirt contest.

A Nerf pocket Vortex: Although the guys did play catch with a real football, the turnip-shaped ball that squeals when you throw it would add a whimsical touch.

Angelina Jolie: Wife swap! Bonus if Angelina can wear her "Maleficent" wings for her high-flying journey across the street.

A magnetic chess set: "Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey's Balcony Checkmate" is a headline that needs writing.

Their pants: Just take 'em off, wad 'em up, and toss 'em over, boys.

Kisses: Because if you don't want to see Matthew McConaughey blowing kisses to a blushing Brad Pitt as the sun goes down in NOLA, you have no soul.

What do you want to see Brad and Matt toss to each other? Let us know in the comments below!