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Hear Him Roar: 'Godzilla' Sequel Officially On The Way

Matthew Broderick, eat your heart out.

It's official: The King of Monsters will be back.

After stomping through theaters over the weekend with a massive box-office haul totaling $93.2 million, "Godzilla" has cemented its status as a successful relaunch of the monster-fueled franchise — so much so that a sequel is already in the works.

Deadline confirms that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are developing another "Godzilla" movie, following the film's overwhelming ownership over the box-office this past weekend. To date, "Godzilla" has earned $196 million worldwide; it was produced on a projected budget of $160 million.

As for where the big guy goes from here? It's too early to say. No details about the sequel are known, including whether or not Gareth Edwards will return as director, or if any of the film's cast will return to star. Some unsolicited advice — veer away from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen's story, but stick with Ken Watanabe as Dr. Serizawa; that character has potential to fix the "Godzilla" reboot's "human problem," if utilized properly.

Oh, and Mothra. That needs to happen.

Are you excited to see another "Godzilla" movie?