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5 Seconds Of Summer Save The World (And Kittens) In 'Don't Stop' Video: Watch

Kitties thank them, the old ladies, not so much.

So who's your favorite superhero? No, I don't mean Spider-Man. Not Superman. Not even Batman. (I know, he's hot.)

I mean which 5 Seconds of Summer member, of course.

The Australian pop-rock foursome gave us four new superheroes to fawn over on Monday (May 20) with their brand-new video for "Don't Stop." And while our traditional heroes had powers of invisibility, flight, Spidey vision and all that, these guys have guitars and charm, whether they're rockin' out on a rooftop or saving the world from danger in their homemade costumes. (Wait, is that Abercrombie & Fitch underwear they're wearing on the outside of their spandex?)

So I repeat the question: Who's your favorite superhero? Luke, Michael, Calum or Ashton? Watch the video for yourself, and try to keep your news from trembling.

The guys will drop their debut album on July 22, before hitting the road with One Direction on tour.

Check out the "Don't Stop" video: