Best Moments Of The 2014 Billboard Music Awards In GIFs

This is all you really need to see.

Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards had it all: holographic superstars from beyond, World Cup anthems, gothic Zorro outfits, Miley doing the Beatles and, of course, 5SOS making their awards show debut.

It was, honestly, too much to even remember. So here's our cheat sheet:

Jennifer Lopez opened the show with this amazing booty bump

And then J.Lo closed the show by rocking out with her Icon out

Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX were oh-so-fancy

Ariana Grande werrrked

Problem? What problem? None here

Iggy had one less problem, too

Kendall Jenner announced One… 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS brought the Australian invasion

Florida Georgia Line represented ‘Merica hard

Shakira nearly gave the ABC censorship police a heart attack

This guy took the most epic selfie of the night

Katy Perry showed off her birthday suit

And serenaded this birthday girl with her bosom

Imagine Dragons continued rocking their way through award shows

We marveled at Michael Jackson moves that we haven’t seen in far too long

Technology is brilliant

Lorde was all "Come at me, bro."

And then she shocked us all with her DANCE MOVES (WHAT!?)

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert basically made all of country music explode

Jason Derulo was like "Yo, I do Crossfit"

Miley Cyrus and Wayne Coyne threw a glitter party that could rival a Kesha show

Seriously, we’re kind of worried for Kesha’s next tour. A glitter shortage is imminent.