Justin Timberlake Thanks Everyone For His Billboard Award... Except Donald Sterling

'I want to thank everyone on earth, except Donald Sterling,' JT said Sunday night.

Justin Timberlake wanted to thank everyone -- even his competitors, even you at home -- for his Top Artist award at Sunday night's (May 18) Billboard Music Awards.

Everyone, that is, except Donald Sterling.

The Clippers owner may have made an apology earlier this week -- and, at the same time, dissed Magic Johnson -- for making racist comments last month, but the 20/20 Experience singer made it clear he's not accepting it.

"It is not a competition but if it was, I won. I want to thank everyone on earth, except Donald Sterling," Timberlake, appearing via satellite from tour.

Earlier in the night, JT -- who was up for 11 awards at Sunday night's show -- accepted the award for Top Billboard 200 Album by singing his speech.

"I'm shocked. I'm stunned. I'm really surprised," Timberlake said in the video, before busting into song and dance with his backup singers. "We don't even wanna say 'thank you.' We wanna sing 'thank you,'"