These Were The Greatest Beards At Hangout Fest, Period.

From Allen Stone to Zedd, there was some glorious facial hair.

Hangout Fest: Where the shrimp are fresh, the good vibes are always flowing, and the beards are always growing. A lot. Hangout Fest seems to attract a higher than average selection of artists and band with beards ranging from subtle stubble to full-on vintage Neil Young (lookin’ at you, Blackberry Smoke and also at you, Andrew W.K.‘s entire backing band).

Here, for your viewing enjoyment, we’ve rounded up the greatest beards of Hangout Fest, chin straps, neck beards, Abe Lincolns and all.

Allen Stone: The vanilla gorilla


Iron & Wine: The double-decker


Diarrhea Planet: The splatter scatter


Wild Belle‘s Elliot Bergman: The caveman Jon Hamm


Daedelus: The Van Buren

daedelus, hangout fest WireImage via Getty Images

Blackberry Smoke: The Stillwater

blackberry smoke, hangout fest Getty Images

Zedd: The EDM chinstrap

zedd, hangout fest MTV News

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