Bastille Suffer Brutal Turtle-Shark Attack (WARNING: Contains Graphic Imagery)

Hangout Fest performers boldly battle deadly ocean beasts

It’s a well-known fact around these parts of Alabama that sharks, with their beady little eyes and insatiable appetite for human flesh, can be deadly if provoked… or whenever they f*cking feel like destroying you.

Fortunately Hangout Fest performers Bastille put aside their characteristic British reticence when confronted with one dual devils — both a pernicious shark and deadly sea turtle — and in an act of trepidation, boldly went good old American psycho on the highly dangerous beasts.

Feeling invigorated by their valiant act, I bravely documented the brutal battle between Woody and the evil marine life. But I should warn you: The photos below are intense and may be difficult to view.

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