At Cannes, Robert Pattinson is Busy Redefining His Career with 'The Rover'

Long gone are the Twilight days of Robert Pattinson's career. In their stead? Well that's where we get the really, really good stuff. And it may be with his latest film, The Rover, that the actor finally gets his due. But we suppose that's what one would hope comes out of working with the acclaimed David Michôd, whose 2010 film Animal Kingdom was one of the most talked-about films at Cannes in 2010.

And dues he is getting — critics the world over are currently getting their cinematic fill in the fancy little French town, so there's nary a reason to be easy on anyone. Instead of relegating Pattinson to the sparkly vampire corner now and forevermore, they've instead embraced the actor's turn in the post-global-catastrophe film as a "revelation" and "career-redefining." They just grow up so fast, don't they?

Pattinson is repeatedly regaled as "the film’s greatest surprise" by critics, applauding him for being an "oasis of humanity in this stark, forsaken land." To be a beacon of hope in a dystopian future? Not too shabby.

The film focuses on Guy Pearce's character, Eric, on the hunt for his stolen car in a desolate Australian town ten years after the catastrophic event that took down the world's economy. Think of it as a Dude, Where's My Car? for the post-downfall-of-society age. Would that make Pattinson the Sean William Scott of this age? My, what a thought.