This Photo Of Lady Gaga Wearing Overalls & Drinking A Beer On An ATV Raises More Questions Than It Does Answers

Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself in the woods, on an ATV, wearing overalls and raising a beer in the universal sign for "I'm a massively famous pop start drinking a beer in a random forest on an ATV" and Gaga's farmer's daughter moment raises many questions -- far more than it does answers. Like, for instance, why drink from a can of beer when you could be sipping tea on fine china with Sway? And was Lady Gaga listening to Luke Bryan? Because, you know. Been there sister. (Not proud, but also, I'd do it again, and I probably will).

Glad to see Gaga did the responsible thing and took the passenger seat while enjoying an adult beverage. And nice to see she ditched the backward platform concept shoe in favor of a sensible forest footwear. And I'm sure coveralls are comfy and everything (they are having a moment, you know). But if Gaga is moving into a phase where she exclusively shops at Bass Pro Shop, I'll start a petition to bring back the bubble dress, and I won't sleep until I've successfully canvassed each and every stop of the artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour.

If, however, Gaga's spending the weekend holed up in a cabin watching VHS tapes of MTV "Diary" and shotgunning Miller Lites, then I'm packing up my Luke Bryan MP3s and a compass (LOL whatever that is) and setting out for the forest to join her. Hopefully I'll make it there in time to watch the Christina Aguilera "Diary." That's my kinda night.