Beyonce Posts New Photo With Solange, Really Needs You To Get Over It

She's over it. Solange is over it. Now let's all just move on, 'kay?

In case you thought there was still drama between Beyonce and her lil sis Solange following the now-infamous Jay Z elevator attack, Beyonce wants you to be sure that all is forgiven.

The elder Knowles sister took to her Instagram late Saturday night (May 17) and posted a photo revealing Beyonce with her arm planted firmly around her baby sister, both grinning gorgeous smiles (they woke up like that). And just so you don't confuse it with her recent run of throwback posts, Beyonce even captioned the photo "New Orleans May 17th 2014."

Of course, conspiracy theorists might claim that the photo could be another throwback photo and Beyonce's just saying it's from today, but those conspiracy theorists are the same people who claimed Solange deleted all her Instagram photos of Beyonce, or, better yet, that Pitbull is somehow connected to the disappearance of Malaysia flight MH370 (seriously!?).

Always the elegant diplomat, Beyonce's probably just finding the classiest (and social media-est) way possible of saying "get over it."