'Interstellar': First Full Trailer Takes Matthew McConaughey... Somewhere Else

Christopher Nolan's Batman follow-up gets its first full look.

We've been waiting for some sort of info on just what Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Rises" follow-up "Interstellar" would be all about, and finally, it's here. Just it may not be all the info we were waiting for.

Still, the first international trailer does set up the main conflict, that mankind has ran out of food and will search beyond their solar system for an answer to the problem. And true to Nolan form, there's some incredible, epic visuals.

And of course, it has Matthew McConaughey saving the world, one last time.

Is "Interstellar" a secret "Field of Dreams" remake? We've got proof.

"Interstellar" opens in theaters in November.


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