Jonathan Weiner

Echosmith's 'Come With Me' Is The Cutest Video You'll Watch All Day

Watch the stop-motion clip for the breezy, summertime jam.

Echosmith have always proven particularly adept at capturing the complex emotional state of the average teenager in their music. Remember "Cool Kids"? The single, solitary tear streaming down my face right now certainly does.

The band -- that's Noah, Jamie, Sydney, and Graham Sierota -- are back with a new video today, and, thankfully for my fragile feelings, "Come With Me" is way, way lighter. While the MTV Artists To Watch don't physically appear in the Lior Molcho-directed clip, their twee-pop presence is felt thanks to a variety of hand-painted mini-figurines stop-motioning their way through a variety of locales.

Amidst all the sweeping, "Bound 2" -style scenery, Sydney sings: "Come with me/ And I'll take you away if you let me/ Stay with me/ And I'll cover your soul with my body." The Talking Dreams track is all about opening up to someone so that they'll open up to you. That's a pretty beautiful message, actually. Ugh, I told myself I wasn't going to cry.

Catch Echosmith this summer on the Vans Warped Tour, which kicks off on June 13 in Houston, TX. Bring tissues.