Nicki Minaj's Instagram

Wait, Is Nicki Minaj Shooting A New Video?

The rapper paused a shoot for a selfie break.

So, how did you spend your Wednesday? Did you catch up on the supremely underrated "Orphan Black"? Try your hand at collaging as a means of ~self-expression~? That's cute. According to one of Nicki Minaj's newest Instagrams, she was "shooting this video." Which video? THIS VIDEO. She wins.

The "Senile" rapper also posted four more selfies, each one more worthy of a "YASSS BISH" than the last. Speaking of which, do you think that's the "video" she's shooting? Nicki did tease that she'd be "droppin' [her] single in two weeks" on that track, and, uh... Let's see... OH MY GOD, "Yasss Bish" hit Young Money's SoundCloud exactly 12 days ago! Guhhhhhhh, my hands are paralyzed. #fixitjesus

Then again, it's just as possible that Nicki's filming a clip for the scathing "Chi-Raq" featuring Lil Herb, something I definitely wouldn't be mad about in the slightest. Or, who knows -- maybe it's just another Myx Fusions commercial she's shooting. I guess we'll find out if any of this fanatical speculation proves true in two days.

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