Ariana Grande Is Looking For 'Boyfriend Material' –- Are You The One?

Ariana thanks her fans for their 'constant love' with unreleased doo-wop/pop track.

Ariana Grande is dusting off the oldies to give you something new.

The pop star decided to thank her fans for their "constant love, support and dedication" with probably the best gift -- an unreleased track -- on Thursday (May 15). The song, "Boyfriend Material," has been making the rounds among Ariantors for quite some time, but to their vocal dissatisfaction, it didn't make the cut on Ariana's debut album, Yours Truly.

"I know how much y'all love this song and how disappointed you were when it didn't make it on to my first album so i knew i had to get it to you somehow someday," Ariana tweeted. "This song means a lot to me and holds such a special place in my heart as it was one of the first songs i did when i started working on 'yours truly' when i was like 17."

The infectious, finger-snapping track is a perfect blend of pop and doo-wop, and we think the bubblegum jam would have fit in perfectly on Ariana's first release.

Still, we get to enjoy the song now -- on repeat -- including Ariana's always-impressive vocals as she sings about wanting everyone to know that she's finally found the perfect guy to be her BF.

"Now I've been looking for someone/ Trying to find the right boy to wear on my arm/ I must admit it/ You simply fit it/ You were like a cut above the rest/ That's why you're winning," Ariana sings on the track.

And Ariana has a lot more where that came from. She told her Arianators to be on the lookout because "you'll get more of these oldies too as time goes on! I'm working on it for you."

"The Way" singer is currently putting the finishing touches on her "Problem" video, featuring Iggy Azalea, which she told a fan "should be done by next week."