Solange's Instagram,

Solange And Beyonce's Adorable Throwback Intagrams Prove Their Sister Act Is For Real

The younger Knowles sister seems to respond to rampant media speculation.

Perhaps taking a page out of Beyoncé's P.R. playbook, Solange appears to have laid down an Instagram shutdown of her own, posting a Throwback Thursdy photo of her and her big sis from back in the day. While carbon-dating technology has yet to cross over to the 'Gram, those poofy sleeves and that mix of crushed velvet and tartan fabrics makes me wanna say ... 1990? Maybe '91?

Solange's Instagram,

While the "Losing You" singer left the picture captionless (save for a #tbt hashtag variant, "#tt"), it's hard not to speculate that it's at least partially a response to the controversy surrounding that leaked elevator video, which shows Solange fighting with brother-in-law Jay Z. Knowles sister solidarity perhaps?

On a lighter note, the 27-year-old artist Instagrammed another throwback photo of her and Beyoncé sitting down together as noted thong enthusiast Sisqo serenades them with his guitar. Anyone else having middle-school fantasy hot flashes right now? Not just me? Cool.

In the caption, Solange shouts out one of her throwback beauty secrets: the donut sock. She also hints that she'll delete the picture tomorrow ("and it's not because I don't love sisqo's awesome guitar"), but I kinda feel like she's making fun of that whole "SOLANGE DELETED ALL HER INSTAGRAMS OMFG" headline that swept through the gossip mill earlier this week.

Either way, I think we can all agree that these are some ridiculously cute photos and just leave it at that.