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Justin Bieber Admits He's A Mama's Boy, And That's A Good Thing

Pattie taught him right. Okay?

Imagine feeling like every time you leave the house it's nothing but drama, drama, drama. Now imagine if that drama lands you on the home pages of just about every news outlet in the cyberverse and you'll have an inkling of why Justin Bieber wants to just throw his hands up and say... something probably real inappropriate.

You see, a day after Bieber was accused of trying to snatch a photo-snapping woman's phone away at a Sherman Oaks, California, playpark (an employee later said the woman was the aggressor in the scenario), the singer went on his latest Twitter rant defending himself from all the haters.

You see, according to Bieber, his mother, Pattie, "raised me to be kind to others. I get judged, harassed, and I try to take the high road. Sometimes it isn't easy." But he's just gonna keep trying.

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He ended the spree with a rainbow of hope, linking to an L.A. Reid interview in which the Epic Records boss hints that the Bieber/Michael Jackson collabo we've all been waiting for might still happen.

Oh, and he posted a pic of himself playing paintball with his crew, so that was fun.

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