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So Why Was Mack Wilds Dressed Like A Pimp At His Prom?

Hey Mack, Steve Harvey wants his suit back.

The perfect date and the right outfit is pretty much all you need to make prom night memorable, but unfortunately for Mack Wilds he had neither. Still, the "Henny" singer had a prom night that he'll never forget.

"It's a funny story about my prom," Mack recently told MTV News about his big night. Before he was cutting Grammy-nominated LPs, Mack was busy acting, playing Michael Lee in the Baltimore-based HBO hit series "The Wire." But being a teenage TV actor came with some sacrifices.

"I kept on asking the producers if I could actually get time to go to prom and if I was able to go," Mack recalled. "Last minute, literally, a week before prom they moved everything and they were like, 'You can go -- you just can't cut your hair and you have to make sure you're back here right after prom.'"


Mack -- who was sporting a small afro for the role -- knew he didn't have much time before the big night, and he was having trouble finding a suit. He was left to rely on his father ... and his father's specific tastes.

"My dad took me Downtown Brooklyn to get one of his Steve Harvey classics," Mack said, poking fun at the over-size suits the comedian and daytime television became know for.

"It was crazy, it was like a beige suit and a top hat and a pimp cane," Mack recalled. "It was terrible. It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but this is real life, people."

Finding a suit wasn't his only problem, though. Mack also had a tough time finding a young lady to pin a corsage on. "Because it was a week before prom, everyone already had a date, so I definitely went stag," he admitted.

It all sounds pretty horrific, but at least now the singer and rapper can laugh about it. "There's a picture out there and it's all my homegirls and my homeboys and they're all with each other's dates and everything and I'm standing at the end and it looked like a pimp that rented out his ladies for the night," he laughed. "It's the funniest picture ever."