Vine via @JustinBieber

Justin Bieber Is Already Killing The Vine Game

He's already got more than half a million followers... in just three days.

This just in in Justin News (oh, see what I did there?): Our favorite shirtless equestrian has officially joined Vine, and in true Bieber fashion, he's already killing the game with 514.6K followers in under three days.

So what's he using his six seconds for? Here's what he's come up with so far:

Sharing His 'Get Psyched' Playlist

This joke is jacked from "The Internship," but we can all agree the Biebs does it better.

Showing Some Love To The Ladies

Gotta work on my serendipitous rooftop timing because these girls really nailed it.

Pondering The Difference Between Stalker And Paparazzi

Woah bro, had me like:

Begging People To Stop Following Him

Nope, we won't stop.

Schooling Us On Jerry Lee Lewis

"You are" *snaps*

So can MTV get a follow, Biebs?

Welcome to the club, Justin!