The 11 Things You Need To Bring To Hangout Fest

Better pack another duffle.

Who out there is currently packing for Hangout Fest? Show of hands? Well, while you're trying to cram one.more. pair of fancy shorts into your duffle, might we suggest a few additions to your luggage sitch?

Back in January -- when the sun was a distant memory -- we asked a cadre of Hangout performers what they planned to bring to the beach. The results ranged from the practical (“Don’t dress too much, because it’s going to be hot,” according to Zedd) to the "Okkkk, suuuuure" (“I’ve never been to a beach party before,” Portugal. The Man singer John Gourley said. “We have gravel-pit parties in Alaska”).

This time around, we dug deep down into our brains -- before they get fried by sunshine and awesomeness -- to bring you the 11 essentials you must have at Hangout 2014.

Better factor in another carry-on.