Hunter Hayes Is 'Vulnerable' And Sort Of 'Uncomfortable' On Storyline Album

Hunter is 'as real as it gets' on sophomore album.

Hunter Hayes is one of the fastest rising stars in country music, and rightfully so, because this 22-year-old is the real deal.

The "Invisible" singer stormed onto the Billboard charts this week at #3, earning him his best debut yet.

Hunter's sophomore album, Storyline, chronicles the highs and lows of the singer's life since he released his first album back in 2011, making this the next chapter in Hayes' story.

"I just like the concept of looking at every day like it's your story and you write it. This is kind of obvious, I feel like that you have to write it the way you want to tell it later, however you want your story to be told and talked about. You got to write it that way you have to have fun with it," Hayes recently told MTV News about the album. "You can't just look at it as the day; you gotta go through everything and make sure that it is part of the bigger picture and shaping you as a person and shaping your story -- no pun intended, I promise."

Hayes spent a year and a half working on this record, which, over time, took many different directions both lyrically and musically. But there was always one goal in mind: keep the album emotional.

With songs about love ("Still Fallin"), heartbreak ("You Think You Know Somebody) and feeling insecure ("Invisible"), Hayes achieves that, giving Hayniacs a glimpse into his personal life — something he rarely talks about.

"It's a lot more vulnerable and sort of uncomfortable in ways at times just because it's new," Hunter said. "When it comes to talking about personal life, I don't, because there's a lot said in these songs. Heaven forbid these people get talked about the wrong way... it's in the song, the songs are the stories. They are as real as it gets and I'm OK with that. That's why I write music and then hopefully someone else can relate to that. When you pour out all of your soul, you don't hold anything back, it's real, and I prefer that."