9 Ways Our Lives Would Zuck Without Birthday Boy Mark Zuckerberg

Happy 30th, Mark!

As of today, Mark Zuckerberg is no longer a twentysomething billionaire - he's a 30 year-old billionaire. In just 30 years, Zuckerberg has been called a mogul, genius, visionary and Jesse Eisenberg. In honor of his special day, we take a look at the impact he's had on all of us.

1. He re-branded our lazy hoodie look as "Silicon Valley Chic."

Literally, the golden god of #Normcore.

2. He allowed us to covertly obsess over our crushes…

3. … while we plotted our swift and thorough revenge on high-school bullies.

4. Basically, he gave us a social network to share or express exciting news with our friends/nemeses/exes.

5. He gave us new ways to stay in touch with our families (admittedly a blessing and a curse).

6. And gave us a forum for answering some of life's toughest questions.

7. He made not being a nerd the new "being a nerd." He showed us that being smart is sexy (and can make you crazy rich).

The DGAF icon we deserve.

8. He showed us that the best way to be professional is to have a great business card.

He actually did this. And I am impressed.

9. Finally, he taught us to have hope. That no matter how young you are, you can turn your dream into a reality. Or a multi-billion dollar empire.

Rachel Paoletta

In short,

Happy birthday, Mark. My life would zuck without you.