Jay Z And Solange Didn't Go Jewelry Shopping -- Here's The Real Story

Someone got their facts twisted.

Here's another rumor that can be put to rest. It was reported that Jay Z and Solange patched things up and went jewelry shopping after their now infamous elevator fight, but apparently there was no truth to that.

TMZ claimed that Jay and his sister-in-law made a brief stop at a high-end jewelry shop in New York, just one day after their fight, where they browsed but didn't purchase anything.

That rumor was debunked when the shop owner, Mr. Flawless, made an appearance on the "The Wendy Williams Show" on Wednesday (May 14), and refuted those claims.

According to US Weekly, the store owner, born Greg Yuna, explained that neither Solange or Jay had been in his store -- it was actually Floyd Mayweather Jr. who stopped by.

These Photos Prove Beyonce And Solange Are Still Good After Jay Z Fight

It doesn't look like any member of the Knowles or Carter families plan on issuing a statement about the leaked video footage, but Beyonce has continued to give her own sort-of subtle commentary via Instagram.

She began with photos of herself and Jay Z, to let the world know that the couple are still in tact. She followed with photos of herself and Solange, to let the world know that the sisters are doing just fine. And, finally, she followed with a photo of herself and Rihanna -- possibly to dispel any lingering wnispers that Rih was somehow involved in this drama.