LEP Bogus Boys Rapper Count Has 'No Personal Issue With Game'

Count also reveals he has a solo project coming.

LEP Bogus Boys take real pride in their native Chicago, and it was that same pride which drove group member Count to join in the fray when Game threw verbal shots at Chi-Town rapper Lil Durk.

"First off, I ain't got no personal issue with Game or nothing like that or with the bloods or no sh-- like that," Count told MTV News on Tuesday over the phone, confirming that he doesn't know Game personally. "Basically, he's speaking on issues and names that shouldn't be spoken upon, that we don't even speak upon. I was just pulling his coattails man, that's about it."

The tiff, which began with just Durk and Tyga at odds, promoted Game to stick up for his fellow Californian with a spirited verse on Tyga's "Chiraq to LA" on May 6. In his verse Game humorously (and purposely) confused Durk with one-time NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki, and also sent shout-out to a bunch of Chicago street figures.

Game also shouted out "L.E.D.," most just assumed he mispronounced "L.E.P." though the rapper claims he was referring to a friend Low End Derrick. Regardless of his intent Count took it upon himself to respond with "F--- the Game Up" the next day.

"I'm not no opportunist, I didn't do this to capitalize," Count said. "It's just when I heard it, it was a natural reaction. It wasn't planned or nothing, it was a natural reaction. I said what I had to say, it wasn't no dis record, I'm pulling his coattail on some real sh-- and we'll leave it at that."

Count has no real plans on making another dis record, instead he is focusing on a new solo project, which will be a new volume of LEP's flagship Don't Feed da Killaz mixtape series.

G says things between he and his LEP partner Moonie is "all good," but he is ready to try something new. "I'ma keep it all real with you it's a business decision that I done made," he said.