Which Piano Performance Earned Taylor Swift Her Role In 'The Giver'?

Producers were moved to cast the musician after seeing her play.

Despite having only the smallest of roles in the movie adaptation of "The Giver," Taylor Swift is possibly one of the most buzzed-about members of the cast.

And after the internet went wild over the first photo of Swift on set — showing her perched at a piano in a brunette wig and with Jeff Bridges at her side — another interesting story from producer Nikki Silver has revealed how she came to be in the film in the first place.

According to Silver, who spoke Monday at the Library of Congress alongside author Lois Lowry, Rosemary (Swift's character) was always meant to be a girl with musical inclinations. And though other actresses were already auditioning, Taylor's name came up as a surprise frontrunner after someone from the studio saw her in action and became convinced that she could play the part.

The obvious question now: where was Taylor Swift, and what was she doing, when she unwittingly won the hearts of the producers? We've rounded up a few possible moments.

The Country Music Awards, 2010

This haunting rendition of "Back to December" brought the house down at the 2010 CMAs. A long time ago, yes, but if one of the "Giver" producers had a memory like a steel trap, then this could be the performance that sealed the deal.

The Grammys, 2014

Another one for the record books: Taylor Swift's awesome, headbanging, hardcore rendition of "All Too Well" at the Grammy Awards. Of course, Taylor was cast in "The Giver" months before this performance, but considering how powerful it was, it is totally possible that producers sensed it psychically long before it actually happened.

The "Red" Tour, 2013

More likely, though, is that producers saw her sing the song sometime during her "Red" tour, during which "All Too Well" was an emotional showstopper throughout.

The Tiny Piano Incident of 2012

Let's be honest: everyone who has ever seen this photo has immediately wanted to adopt Taylor Swift and her teeny piano, and put them both in a gilded bird cage to make beautiful music all day long. But because kidnapping is illegal, casting her in a movie is obviously a good second choice.

"The Giver" will be in theaters August 15.

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