Here's Your First Look At 'The Walking Dead' Season Five

Sad Rick Grimes is sad.

The only thing harder than breaking out of the cannibal-infested Terminus is waiting to see how our heroes will manage to break out of the cannibal-infested Terminus.

Okay, on second thought, actually breaking out of Terminus is harder than the wait. But the wait for more "Walking Dead" still sucks! It's not even summer yet, and the AMC zombie series won't premiere its fifth season until close to Halloween. We have a long wait between now and the return of "Walking Dead," and it simply isn't very fun.

But here's something that is fun: our first look at "Walking Dead" season five, courtesy of a brand-new photo of gunslinging, throat-biting hero Rick Grimes. It doesn't tell us much, if anything, but it's still nice to see Rick Grimes in action for the first time since he entered the "A" train.

Here he is:

Grimy Rick Grimes, covered in dirt and blood, peering out at who-knows-what. It's nice to see that Rick will see the light of day again, after finding himself in the clutches of Terminus' cannibals. Okay, we haven't officially confirmed that Terminus is run by cannibals, but come on. They're cannibals. The signs are all there.

We'll find out more about our cannibal theory, and more about Rick and the gang's safety, when "The Walking Dead" returns in October.

What do you make of the first "Walking Dead" season five photo?

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