Need To Know: Dr. Dre Will Hold The Keys To The City Of…

Today's top stories include more legal drama for Justin Bieber while Beyonce sets the record straight.

Dr. Dre Holds The Key
Doors open for Dr. Dre. Even more so now that he will receive the key to the city of Compton, California.

Channing Tatum Played His Cards Right
The role of X-Men superhero, Gambit, is in Channing Tatum’s cards. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, confirmed that he will play the card-throwing character in a Gambit-centric movie. “He’s a rogue, Channing — he’s a rascal, just like Remy LeBeau,” Donner explained.

Justin Bieber Attempted Cell Phone Robbery
Justin Bieber is accused of allegedly trying to steal a woman’s cellphone on Monday night at Sherman Oaks Park in California. Supposedly, the pop star seized the phone after he thought she took pictures of him and his friends getting into a fight with another group of people. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the situation further.

Beyonce’s Instagram Photos Say 4,000 Words
Beyonce attempted to put rumors to rest by posting four photos of her and her sister, Solange, on Instagram this morning.

First Look At Ben Affleck ’Batman’ Suit
Men look good in suits and Ben Affleck is no exception: peep these new close-ups of him on the set of “Batman Vs. Superman.”

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Clay Aiken Is Representin’
Clay Aiken takes one sprint closer to winning the position as the North Carolina congressman after his fellow Democratic competitor Keith Crisco died unexpectedly earlier this week. The singer runs up against Republican, Renee Ellmers, in November for the coveted seat in the House of Representatives.

John Krasinski Introduces Hazel
“Pics of kids should only come direct from parents,” actor John Krasinski said bluntly when he tweeted the first picture of his pride and joy, Hazel, with wife Emily Blunt.

5 Seconds Of Summer Album Pre-Order
The July release of the 5 Seconds of Summer album feels like an eternity from now, BUT you can pre-order it and get a track immediately!

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