The Cast Of 'Gotham' Reacts To The Show's Lack Of Mustaches

'It's not the best look for me,' says series star Ben McKenzie on his character's signature accessory.

"Gotham," the new show on FOX tracing the origins of Batman in his early days, has everything: heroes, villains and what look like epic, season-spanning mysteries. But when it comes to actor Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, there's one thing the show doesn't have: a mustache.

When we caught up with McKenzie, as well as co-stars Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock), Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney) and Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepott) at the FOX Upfront in New York, they all had a few choice thoughts as to why this young Gordon wouldn't be rocking the facial hair.

"Well, we might tease that out," McKenzie said after he was done laughing at the thought. "Here's the thing: a mustache nowadays… If this show was set in a time period reminiscent of 1970's New York, a kind of chaotic, fallen city, the mustache might have worked stylistically back then… Nowadays, a mustache—"

"He's getting injections," Logue quipped, jumping right in.

Pinkett-Smith and Lord Taylor seemed a little more hopeful.

"He might later on," Pinkett Smith said on the possibility of Gordon's signature accessory.

"Yeah, you never know, we have some time," Lord Taylor added.

"This is the young Gordon," Pinkett Smith explained, "so maybe later on, he starts rocking the mustache."

Before you hold out hope about a "Smallville" style reveal for the mustache in season nine, though, it seems like this may just not be something that works for McKenzie.

"We tried!" Logue said about the mustached look.

"Hey, I've grown a good 'stache," McKenzie shot back defensively. "I've grown one, but it's not the best look for me."

But before you write it off entirely, Logue did have one final word: "It'll come over time."

Now, about those glasses…

"Gotham" premieres on FOX this Fall.