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50 Cent Steps In The Ring In 'Winner's Circle' Video

His Animal Ambition album drops in less than a month.

50 Cent has had plenty of victories in his career. From releasing successful albums, to coming out on the better end of beefs, to cashing in on lucrative business ventures, Fif has put together some nice winning streaks.

"Consider this the theme song for victory," he raps on the opening line of his new song, "Winner's Circle," featuring Guordan Banks, which he dropped a video for on Tuesday (May 13).

The video, directed by Eif Rivera, follows both 50 and boxer Ryan Martin, who is part of the rapper's SMS Promotions team. 50 takes a jog through the streets of New York, while Martin trains for a fight. They eventually meet up at the boxer's bout -- which he wins and, of course, Fif then joins him in the winner's circle.

Well, the ring is actually a square, but you get the point.