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Watch Bruno Mars' Sisters The LYLAS Dance In Their Undies In An Asylum

Time for some family bondage bonding!

There's nothing like dancing around, wishing for a dude, in an asylum with your sisters. At least, that's what the LYLAS think in their new video for "Voices."

"Voices," written by their brother Bruno Mars and Philip Lawrence, tells of the story of the ladies getting a little paranoid, hearing voices that say "he'll come back this time."

The video continues that out-of-control vibe with Jaime, Tahiti, Presley and Tiara Hernandez writhing on concrete walls and resisting the leather straps that bind them to beds and chairs -- in nothing but white undies.

A male model security guard hungrily watches them on monitors before he pursues them. Soon, the Hernandez' are covered in guy. He climbs on top of them, bites their lips, caresses their chests — you know, family stuff.

Anyway, the song is available on iTunes and seems promising after their reality TV show run. Will we be seeing more of the LYLAS soon? We sure hope so.