Ghosts, Beware: Emma Roberts Is Trying To Get You Drunk

Emma Roberts kept the ghosts at bay during her stay in New Orleans with an alcoholic offering.

By Kat Rosenfield

What's a scaredy-cat actress to do when she's filming a small-screen horror story in one of America's most haunted cities? The answer can be summed up in one word: TEQUILA.

So says Emma Roberts, recent alumna of "American Horror Story: Coven," who made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers to promote her new film "Palo Alto."

"Everywhere I go, I think it's haunted," Roberts said. "I'm the person checking under the bed, behind the curtains ten times before I go to bed."

So when the talk turned to New Orleans, a place known for its ghostliness and the city in which "American Horror Story" shot its most recent season, the actress shared the best advice from a NOLA native on keeping one's hair free of ectoplasm.

After getting thoroughly freaked out on a ghost tour of the city, she described approaching the tour guide and asking for advice on keeping apparitions at bay. The guide's response: Make an offering.

"I thought she was going to tell me to cut the head off a chicken and put, like, blood or something," said the actress. But according to the guide, spirits actually prefer to be offered, um, spirits — specifically, tequila served with a side of salt.

"She said, 'Leave it on your kitchen table, and tell them it's for them and to leave you alone.'"

Which Emma did — and before you laugh, you should hear how this story ended:

"A couple months went by, and we're shooting the show, and everyone had these horrible ghost things happen to them!" she said. "I was the only one that didn't. So I think the tequila and salt works."

You can see Emma Roberts starring in "Palo Alto," which is screening now in New York and LA. Admission is free for tequila-drunk ghosts.