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'Batman Vs. Superman': What To Expect From Today's Reveal

Wanna go for a ride?

It's (almost) the moment we've all been waiting for.

Get your first look at Ben Affleck as Batman now!

At long last, today brings our first substantial "Batman Vs. Superman" revelation, at least from a visual standpoint. On Twitter, director Zack Snyder teased an image of a covered Batmobile, promising to remove "the tarp" at some point today.

What exactly does Snyder have in store for fans of the Man of Steel and Caped Crusader today? Here's what we think you can expect, as well as what to hope for:

1. The Batmobile

That's a no-brainer. If Snyder posted that image of the partially obscured Batmobile, with no further plans to take us for a spin in Batman's ride, then we all should grab the nearest torch and pitchfork and get to work.

2. The Batcave

If the Batmobile is coming out for a spin, why not take things a step further and see the new Batmobile's parking spot? If Snyder and Warner Bros. aren't quite ready to show off the film's actual characters, then at least it can start shedding some light on iconic locations such as the Batcave, no?

3. The Batman

It's about time we see Ben Affleck as the legendary Batfleck er, Batman. Photoshopped images placing Affleck and his unmistakable chin under Batman's cowl can only suffice for so long. With the Batmobile coming into the picture today, why not put Affleck's Batman behind the driver's seat — if not in full costume, then at least in a Bruce Wayne tuxedo?

4. The Batman and Superman

An even higher pie-in-the-sky wish: the first sighting of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, side-by-side, either as friends or as foes; we'll take the first shot of these two icons however we can get it, especially after Snyder's recent description of the two budding buddies' first picture together. Is it too much to ask for a look at Batman and Superman in the same image? With the film still roughly two years from release, perhaps it's simply too early.

5. The Batman, Superman and Justice League

Yeah, not happening. But we can dream, can't we?

What do you expect we'll see from today's "Batman Vs. Superman" reveal?