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Taylor Swift Is Looking Super Serious In This New 'Giver' Pic

What's up, Rosemary?

Seeing Taylor Swift seated behind a piano is nothing new, but the circumstances of seeing her behind a piano this particular time are: This is a still from "The Giver," the big-screen adaptation of Lois Lowry's celebrated children's book (and Swift's latest attempt at conquering the silver screen).

Swift plays the small but important role of Rosemary, a past trainee for the job of Receiver of Memories, who has more going on than meets the eye. We only caught the slightest of glimpses of Rosemary in the film's first trailer, leaving fans intrigued about Swift's character.

For now, however, you can peep Swift in a still from the movie, sitting beside a younger version of Jeff Bridges' character, the titular Giver.

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"The Giver," which takes place in a strictly regimented community where individuality is discouraged and pain avoided at all costs, is set to hit theaters August 15.