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'Divergent' Follow-Up 'Insurgent' Casts Its Johanna

Octavia Spencer joins the cast.

Initiates, get ready to see Octavia Spencer's kind side: The Academy Award winning actress will appear in "Insurgent," the follow-up to this year's "Divergent," as Johanna, a major player in the Amity faction.

For those of you who have only seen the film version of "Divergent" and aren't quite familiar with what lies ahead, there's plenty to be excited about here. Spencer can expect a lot of time in the makeup chair, as well as a lot of screen time, if the film version of "Insurgent" follows the book closely. The character of Johanna is described as nearly pretty, but for the very distinct scar that runs across her entire face, leaving her with one eye and a speech impediment from the damage. She's a member of the Amity faction, and as close to a leader as the technically collective and headless faction has.

"Divergent" left off with Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) on the run with their friends. There's nowhere to turn, until they find Johanna and Amity and have to decide whether to trust them to keep their rebel band hidden from the view of Janine (Kate Winslet) and her power-hungry army. Johanna also appears in the third book of the Veronica Roth young adult series, "Allegiant."

"Insurgent" is due in theaters March 20, 2015.