What’s Up With Mac Miller And Bill Murray?

Comedian makes a couple cameos on the rapper's latest mixtape.

Mac Miller kicked off Valentine’s Day with a truly loving tweet:

Mac’s love for Bill Murray is something he’s hinted at during his career. He called himself the “Young Bill Murray” on Statik Selektah’s 2013 single “21 & Over,” and name-dropped the comedian in his 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

It makes some sense, then, that Murray seemed to serve as inspiration for Mac’s new mixtape, Faces, which dropped on Sunday and includes dialogue from two of Murray’s movies on two separate songs.

Those aren’t the vocal samples on the project. After some digging, we found four other notable ones used — taken both from movies and interviews with famous authors.
Song: “Grand Finale”
Sampled Line: “The hallucinations have stopped, finally, thank God, but uh, my adrenaline reserves are burning out and I’m staring straight into the face of a total psychotic freakout.”
What It’s From: “Where The Buffalo Roam” (1980)

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