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'You Want Me': Justin Bieber States The Obvious On 'Not Finished' Track

Listen to the R&B song Sir Bizzle shared on SoundCloud.

Oh, this is embarrassing. It looks like Justin Bieber has finally received all those letters I wrote him using letters I clipped out of magazines. Either that, or "You Want Me," a new song that recently popped up on his SirBizzle SoundCloud page, is about someone Justin knows IRL, and not just a creep cataloging his every move from afar.

Well, to call it a "new" song isn't entirely accurate. (And no, I'm not talking about the Justin Timberlake-meets-Timbaland vibes I'm getting. Totally here for that.) While "You Want me" has never received an official release, Beliebers will recall that JB premiered the track on his SoundCloud following a February 2013 livestream.

According to a poster on ONTD, though, Justin later privated the video, a move he appears to have reversed quite recently.

A quick Twitter search confirms these suspicions, as links to the SirBizzle account's "You Want Me" audio suddenly drop off the radar after May 1. (BRB, delivering a box of coffin nails to some rando named "Old Media." #WheresMyPultizer)

So, why do you think Justin would suddenly re-share the breezy R&B number with his fans? Maybe it has something to do with all that "incredible stuff" he teased on Friday on Twitter?

Perhaps "You Want Me" is going to get a Young Money refresh? The "Confident" singer did post a photo of him and YMCMB rising star Euro on Instagram earlier Monday morning (May 12).

Well, whatever "You Want Me" is intended for -- not to mention "Life Is Worth Living," "Broken," "We Were Born For This," or that untitled new song with DJ Mustard -- if it's Justin's next studio release, I'm onboard.

Whenever you're ready, Justin, I'll be waiting.

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