Do Kids Find Avril's 'Hello Kitty' Racist?

From the mouths of babes.

The "Kids React..." video series recently sat a passel of kidlets in front of Avril Lavigne's infamous "Hello Kitty" music video. Their overwhelming response? A hearty, "Huh?"

When Lavigne's candy-filled video for the track was released at the end of April, a number of media outlets and Internet denizens accused the vid of being insensitive to Japanese culture.

The singer's response? “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and spend half my time in Japan.”

When the fresh-faced kids of The Fine Brothers' popular series took a look at the video, they were, on the whole, baffled.

"I have no words," one child commented. "Is it just me or do the lyrics not make sense?" another asked. "I think this girl is just listing a bunch of Japanese products," yet another concluded.

The majority of children, however, did not find the video racist.

That doesn't mean they agreed with the way Lavigne handled the accusations, however.

"'Racist' and 'LOL' should never be in the same sentence," one child opined.

Check out more of their opinions below: