Mac Miller Gifts 'Faces' Mixtape On Mother's Day: Listen Now

Pittsburgh rapper tells fans not to tell his Mama he has a drug problem on new mixtape

By Maurice Bobb

There’s no telling what Mac Miller gave his mother for Mother’s Day, but his fans got quite the gift Sunday (May 11): a new mixtape, Faces.

The 24-track project features Mac at his best, spitting introspective lyrics about his day to day as a Pittsburgh rapper traversing fame while living on the West Coast. He raps about drug-induced hallucinations, partying and just plain old having a good time.

On the trippy “Friends,” which features longtime pal Schoolboy Q, the Blue Slide Park MC raps in a stream of consciousness, with lines like, “The rap Diablo, free your mind my motto, we gon all be good if Treejay ever hit the lotto” and “But still to fall in love is like an orgasm, cuz you never gonna know if your girl fake it/I’m always faded getting shaded in the basement.”

Mac’s Mom recently spoke to Complex , where she gave her point of view on raising a successful rapper, shared how she supports him and enjoys his joy and admitted that she doesn’t always agree with what he says. One can definitely assume, then, that she won’t like what he had to say on the Earl Sweatshirt-assisted “Polo Jeans.”

“Just went through a half ounce of coke, blood pouring all out my nose/Don’t tell my Mama I got a drug problem, I’m f-cking high, we publicized when the sun go down, I come alive,” he raps before giving the floor to his Odd Future cohort.

Other notable guest appearances include Rick Ross (“Insomniak”), Vince Stapes (“Rain”) and (Who?) Mike Jones on “Uber.”

Faces is available for download on Mac’s own site,, and here .