Watch Charlize Theron Get Hit In The Face By An Exploding Whale On 'Saturday Night Live'

Who says you can't learn something new watching a block of sketch comedy before bed? If you watched last night's (May 10) "SNL" episode hosted by Charlize Theron, you did.

Exploding whales are a real thing. Seriously. Once whales die and their carcasses lay on the beach, they begin to fill up with methane gas and become explosive. Google it (be warned of the very graphic and eye-violating YouTube results that accompany said search).

Theron got this experience at the "Bikini Beach Party," where she and her girlfriends are having a great time simultaneously talking and hip swaying. Gadget (Theron) catches the eye of Derek (Taran Killam), who wants to steal her away and suggests they meet by the rotting whale carcass. Although the creature is stinky, Gadget agrees. Derek begins a sweet serenade, strumming his ukulele when all of a sudden, it happens. Gadget and Derek take the dousing of whale guts in stride, deciding to relocate next to the other decaying whale. Yes it happens again.

Although Theron hadn't taken on "SNL" hosting duties in 14 years, she moved seamlessly between sketches. She helped single women find love alongside Heshy (Nasim Pedrad), giving a motivational speech for "The Man Plan," which included thrusting hip motions and sound effects with each choreographed move.

She helped Morgan (Aidy Bryant) get over her sexual frustration on "Girlfriends Talk Show," playing the girls' former teacher Miss Christine. Miss Christine was fired when she tried to read aloud from the "Vagina Monologues." Morgan would like to cool it with the "giney" talk.

Finally she donned a mullet and put on a pastel cat sweatshirt to advertise adoptable cats for Whiskers R' We (looks like no kitties were harmed in the making of the sketch).

The Black Keys provided the tunes as the musical guest, playing "Fever" and "Bullet In The Brain" off of their upcoming "Turn Blue" album.