Here’s Miley Cyrus Riding an Inflatable Penis On Stage Because Of Course

Her secret show at G-A-Y got truly outrageous.

Miley Cyrus rode a giant inflatable penis on stage in London on Friday. Because of course she did. She also simulated fellatio on that inflati-dick, because of course she did. And in further unsurprising Miley Cyrus news, she also said a bunch of stuff about sex and roofies and sexuality whilst atop the puffed-up member because — you guessed it! — of course she did. She’s just Miley bein’ Miley, y’all. And a Miley do what a Miley wants to do.

While performing onstage at Heaven nightclub in London for her friend Cheyne Thomas’ birthday, the singer/actress/tongue enthusiast worked the crowd out for several songs and even gave us a bit of insight into the mind of Miley Cyrus. “Everyone’s a little bit gay. Some of us just a little bit more than others.” She also insinuated that if your intended partner doesn’t want to get down — gay or otherwise — to “sprinkle something in their drink. That’s what I always do” which is, unsurprisingly, 100% what you should most definitely not do because it is super-duper illegal and dangerous and not at all cool because roofies are fun for approximately no one.

But Miley makes her own rules. Clearly.

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