See Nicki Minaj As A Baby In These Old Pictures From Her Mom's Album

Nicki's mom, Carol Maraj, shares some childhood snaps of the YMCMB rapper.

(Nicki's mom shows off some pics)

Nicki Minaj is a master of transformation -- from the colorful wigs and wild makeup to the more simplified and sexy look she sported at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards -- but what was the YMCMB rapper like as a child?

Nicki's mom recently chatted with MTV News about her own musical career, but she also brought along some childhood photos of the Queen Barb (see the video above). The photos included a shot of Carol Maraj holding baby Nicki in Trinidad, and another of her as a giddy teenager who couldn't stop cracking jokes at her mother's baby shower.

The physical similarities between the rapper and her mom are undeniable, and apparently Nicki has always had a soft spot for Mother's Day.

"One thing about Nicki is that she'd always insist that she had to give you a gift," her mom explained. "So she'd go and maybe get her father to buy something, or even if she drew a card -- she always presented something.

"My most memorable [Mother's Day] is when a truck pulled up and there were a whole lot of balloons saying 'Happy Mother's Day,' with a huge bouquet of flowers," she recalled. "I kept it on the table for months until it withered away and the balloons started shrinking.

"But what I love the most on Mother's Day is to be seated in church with my children. That's the best gift they can give to me."