Nicki Minaj’s Mom, Carol Maraj, Hopes To Inspire Abused Women With Her Music

'Nicki was the first person in the family I played my music for,' Carol tells MTV News.

There’s no doubt that Nicki Minaj is already one of the most successful rappers in the game, but who knew that musical talent actually runs in the family? Nicki’s mom, Carol Maraj, is getting ready to roll out her debut project this year, led by the recent single “God’s Been Good.”

Don’t expect any rapping from Maraj though. Her genre is gospel and she’s been warming up those vocal chords in church for years. “I’ve been writing my own music since 2004, but [more recently] I started to work on me and record some of my songs,” she told MTV News, explaining that she was inspired after hitting the studio to record backup vocals for a friend.

“That was my first time in the studio and I saw her doing her thing and thought, ’Let me try this.’ I had my songs written down, and in my head, but that’s what gave me the motivation to record. I was very shy when I got to the studio at first, but it got better.”

It’s obvious that Ms. Maraj is very shy and soft spoken, but her passion comes across in the music and she’s already been performing her tracks at local concerts in New York. Upcoming releases from the Trinidad native will include more reggae and calypso influences, and you can always expect the music to be uplifting.

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