Weezer’s Blue Album Turns 20: ‘The Sweater Song’ Explained In This 1994 Interview

Oh. Yup.

I have a vivid memory of skipping out to FYE at the Crystal Mall in Waterford, Connecticut, to pick up Weezer’s self-titled debut record, which dropped 20 years ago today. A lot of singing-in-the-car followed said purchase, as well as vigorous mirror-dancing.

This memory invoked two thoughts within my weekend-addled brain: 1). I am an old person who is old. 2). I still don’t really understand what “Undone (The Sweater Song)” means.

The below clip — which we dug from the MTV vaults — does little to illuminate.

Check out the Weezer dudes unraveling our collective mind sweaters below.

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