Watch Harry Styles Whip Out His … New Crotch Tattoo

Oh, Hazza.

Well, Harry “Hazza” Styles said he loves getting naked — and often. We were forewarned. Still, that knowledge didn’t prevent fans from going insane the other night when Styles unzipped his pants on stage in Brazil to reveal a tiny new tattoo honoring the locale.

Yup, Styles’ quest to become the most-tatted teen idol rages on — watch out Bieber and (fellow bro) Sheeran!

First, those lower-belly fern tattoos made an appearance while the boy bander was splashin’ and relaxin’ poolside. Now, it seems dude is playing “how low can you go?” with the tattoo needle — that “Brasil!” piece is pret-ty DL.

It’s still uncertain whether the tat is the real deal or not — a Vine of the big reveal states that it’s temporary — but, either way, I’m sure 1D fans appreciate the peepshow.

Watch again and again and again and again below:

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