Rita Ora Wants To Team Up With One Of the 'Sexiest Moms On The Planet'

Rita Ora reveals dream collaboration, and she 'ain't no hollaback girl.'

I don't know about you, but Rita Ora's latest single, "I Will Never Let You Down" has been on repeat for the past few weeks. With its '80s vibe, infectious chorus and feel-good lyrics, it's pure pop perfection.

I recently sat down with Rita when she stopped by "Live From MTV," and I have to say, I was pretty excited to hear that for her very first U.S. debut album, which hits stores in September, Rita is keeping with the upbeat tone, giving us an album full of "love songs you can dance to."

"Remember that vibe that Whitney [Houston] gave you with 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody?' It's kind of like you release that energy almost, it's that '80s synth mix," Rita said describing her upcoming release. "I'm in a great place at the moment. I'm not trying to make any tear-jerking anthems. I'm not in a bad place."

The reason Rita may be on cloud nine these days could have something to do with her boyfriend, producer Calvin Harris, with whom she teamed up for her lead single and three other tracks on the album.

"We actually did four songs together," Rita said. "We didn't plan it. It's not like a Cher and Sonny situation. We were both kind of talking about music and we just happened to hum together and a song came out, and we ended up doing four tracks on the record, and it's probably the best decision I made working with him."

Rita also teamed up with DJ Mustard, Diplo and Macklemore on the album, which she said is 80 percent done, since she is still holding out hope that her dream collaboration, with "one of the sexiest moms on the planet," comes together.

"There's this lady, who I've loved since I was young and I've said it all the time, has an amazing family and etcetera, so it's a bit of getting the right time, but Gwen Stefani is the one..." Ora said of "The Voice" coach before adding. "There's been talks and there's been things, but she's just had an amazing baby, obviously real life hits, but we will figure it out. It's all about the timing, but the song is there, I'm just really kind of waiting for her to just be like 'boom,' but we don't force things like that. They just happen."