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Lil Jon's 'Still In Shock' That Miley Cyrus Goes Ham To 'Turn Down For What'

'She's back and she wants the world to know it and she's having a good time,' the rapper tells MTV News.

Lil Jon couldn't be more thrilled that Miley Cyrus is using his song "Turn Down For What" as the anthem for her comeback.

"I'm still in shock that she put up five videos back-to-back in two days of the song," he told MTV News on Thursday night about Miley's raucous Instagrams.

Lil Jon, who's ready to release a new song with Tyga called "Bend Ova," said the energy of his voice on the DJ Snake track is just what she needed to emerge from her hospital hiatus, where she was recovering from a severe reaction to antibiotics.

"She's been down from her illness and now she's back and she wants the world to know it and she's having a good time," Jon said. "One thing I noticed about the song is that people don't just use it to party. It's a motivational thing -- like when you want to push yourself to do more, people are using it, say for instance, in the gym. Song comes on your iPhone, you know, you're almost done with your workout and you're dragging. It pushes you -- you might do 20 extra minutes -- so that's how I think it's applied to Miley."

As for Miley's headbanging, thrashing and ripping apart a buffet table? According to Jon, that's what you're supposed to do.

"It makes people want to wile out period. If anybody's seen the video, you have that in your head so it's just wile out. I think that's what she's doing. She's just wiling out."